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Shirts. Sweaters. Jackets. The ultimate outfit completers. Tuck them or don't. Roll up your sleeves or don’t. Button, zip, or snap. Go solid. Go stripe. Go plaid. The options are endless to create a look that shows everyone exactly who you are.


Our Tops

A well made top or jacket should be able to be worn for years and loved by many. Over time, and after many washings, a garment may change shape a bit. In addition, each brand may size their tops differently.


For simplicity, we have organized all of our tops, sweaters, and jackets under their originally tagged size.   Keep in mind that all of our garments are second hand so shrinkage may have occurred over time.   All apparel has been washed prior to hitting the sales floor or website.


If you have any questions around measurements of a garment, please feel free to contact us.  We can provide detail measurements to ensure a perfect fit.