Welcome to (Mid)Western


We have hand selected every pair of our cowboy boots for quality and style. The brands that we have chosen for you have a deep American history and are known for quality and comfort.


Lucchese 1883

  • A premier frontier lifestyle brand bringing the highest quality, integrity, innovation, and experiences to consumers everywhere, since 1883. Celebrating craftsmanship and an adventurous spirit, Lucchese brings the enduring values of the American west to the world.

Tony Lama

  • Tony Lama is the world's most legendary western boot brand. Instantly recognized as the boot of the American west since 1911. Tony Lama boots are a breed apart. At age 11, Tony Lama stepped int he boot industry as an apprentice to a shoemaker. Learning the ins and outs of the leather and boot trade. From that day forward, Tony Lama understood the importance of quality and a comfortable boot fit, and set out to create the best boot around.

Rios of Mercedes

  • A story of fine craftsmanship, quality leathers, and heritage. With more than 160 years of boot making experience, they believe and insist on doing things the right way. Something very special happens when you hold a boot that was made by one of their craftsmen who have 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years of experience. You can feel the difference of Rios of Mercedes.


  • Throughout history, there have been names that have been synonymous with quality. In boots, the name is Nocona. Whether you live the western way of life or simply want to be a cowboy for a day, Nocona boots, since 1925, provide the quality and heritage essentials to a great name that people trust.


Shopping for cowboy boots online

  • 1) Each boot brand can size/fit a bit differently.
  • 2) Second hand means someone has already done the heavy lifting of stretching them out for you.


Although challenging, it can be done!

If you receive your boots in the mail and they don't fit the way you need them to fit, simply ship them back to us within 14 days of the purchase date for an exchange, store credit, or refund.


You should be able to answer yes to the following questions once your boot is on your foot.

  • Is the ball of your foot in the widest part of the boot?
  • Is the point of your toe in the middle of the toe box or about 1" from the end?
  • Do your toes have wiggle room?
  • Does the boot fit like a firm handshake across your instep?
  • Is there a 1/4" slip in the heel?



To find the right size boot for you, you will need to know your foot size as well as width.

Most boot sizes are comparable to a pair of dress shoes that you typically wear. Start here. Then you need to determine your foot width.

Women's boot widths are usually sized as:

  • A (Narrow)
  • B (Medium/Average)*
  • C (Wide)

Men's boot widths are usually sized as:

  • B (Narrow)
  • D (Medium/Average)*
  • E (Wide)
  • EEE (Extra Wide)

Cowboy boots can cross gender.  Women can typically convert into a men's boot size 1 1/2 sizes smaller than their own.  Example Women's 10 can usually where a Men's 8 1/2.


*90% of the population has a medium/average foot width

Thicker socks and boot inserts (full insoles or ball of foot cushions) can be helpful in filling in gaps if your boots are just a bit too large.