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There are so many reasons one needs a cowboy hat. They keep your head warm on cold nights and they keep sweat off your brown on hot summer days. We have selected the best quality brands. Stetson, Resistol, American Hat Company. Bailey. Charlie 1 Horse. Great American Brands. Quality cowboy hats for Men, Women, and Kids.



  • Since 1865, Stetson creates quality products that are built to last and have deep roots in the American tradition. They have a strong appreciation for objects that are made well and products that get better with age. They still craft their hats using much of the same techniques as they did over 150 years ago- with an eye towards meeting the needs of future generations of frontiersmen, pioneers, industrialists, and enthusiasts.


  • Resistol hats was formed in 1927, in Texas, of course. They were the first and still the only manufacturer to operate the entire felt hat making process, which includes 200 processes. They produce the most consistent and finest cowboy hat on the market. That is why the great ranchers and rodeo cowboys choose to wear Resistol.

Justin Hat Company

  • The Justin name dates back to more than 130 years ago. A brand known as an icon of the western culture. In 1990, Justin was acquired by the Milano Hat Company based in Garland, Texas.

Charlie 1 Horse

  • Since 1978, Charlie 1 Horse allows its wearers to display their personality with a unique fashion forward style, through headwear. This brand has a daring attitude that encompasses style and panache. these hats are not for the fainthearted. Whether you are core country or rock and roll rebel. They have you covered. Each style is carefully handmade with great pride in America.

American Hat Company

  • For over 100 years, the American Hat Company has been dedicated to producing the finest quality, handmade cowboy hats in the world. The American difference- only one cowboy hat can live up the the standard of style, quality, and durability you expect from an American made product, and that is one made by the American Hat Company.


  • In 1922, George S. Bailey, a mid-western man with a penchant for hats, founded the Bailey Hat Company in Los Angeles, California. Bailey saw the emerging need for a hat company that not only catered to the West Coast market, but one that also catered to the Western wear market. George Bailey saw a vast and as yet, untapped customer base in southern California and dedicated himself to providing those customers with fine quality hats and great styling.


Fit & Sizing

Cowboy Hats should feel snug but not tight. They should not move around on your head. Put your first two fingers together like a salute and hold them above above your eyebrow. Do the same above your ear. Your hat should sit about 1-2 fingers above your eyebrow and 1-2 fingers above your ear.

First you will need to measure your head. Measuring your head is both an art and a science. You can use a soft tape measure (or a length of string that you will have to hold up to a tape measure) to determine the length. Place the string or soft tape measure around your head about 1-2 fingers above your ear and 1-2 fingers above your brow, completely circling your head. Hold the tape or string firmly but not too tight. You are measuring the exact placement of where your hat will sit. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size.

Size Conversions
Dependent on the brand and hat style, sizes may differ. Use the information below to determine your general hat size.

Once you have measured your head (see Fit and Sizing above) you will need to convert your measurement into a hat size.

21 1/8" - 21 1/2" .....measurement equates to a......... 6 3/4" - 6 7/8" Hat

21 7/8" - 22 1/4" .......measurement equates to a......... 7 " - 7 1/8" Hat

22 5/8" - 23"................measurement equates to a.......... 7 1/4" - 7 3/8" Hat

23 1/2" - 23 7/8" .......measurement equates to a.......... 7 1/2" - 7 5/8" Hat

24 1/4" - 24 5/8" .......measurement equates to a.......... 7 3/4" - 7 7/8" Hat

*Hat size reducing foam tape is available at our store location.


Felt Cowboy Hats

Felt Cowboy Hats

The "X" markings in a felt cowboy hat indicate how much fur content is included in the fur blend used to make the hat. The more wild fur in the fur blend, the higher the "X" marking for that hat.

Straw Cowboy Hats

Straw Cowboy Hats

The "X" markings in a straw cowboy hat indicate how tight the weave and how narrow the straw reed used to make the hat. So, the tighter the weave and narrow the straw reed used to make the hat, the more X's a hat will be.



That bow inside the brim on nearly every cowboy hat is there for a reason. The bow makes it easy to know which side of your hat is the BACK side!


Don't Touch My Hat

Don't Touch My Hat

Your cowboy hat is an extension of your body and your personality. It just ain't cool to touch a cowboy hat that doesn't belong to you. You can ask nicely. I would still say no.

Momma's House

Momma's House

C'mon. She had to deal with all your crap growing up. Give her the respect of a hat removal when entering her home. Gently grab from the crown and set upside down on the crown. Never from the brim!

Tip It Like You Mean It

Tip It Like You Mean It

2019 may well have been the last year we shook hands as a formal greeting. A kindly tip of the hat is way more sophisticated than the fist bump.

Not The Most Heavenly Of Headware

Not The Most Heavenly Of Headware

Hats in church are a big no no! Not for Sunday service. Not for a funeral. Not for a wedding. Your hat should be removed prior to entering. Similar to momma's house.

Beware The Dance Floor

Beware The Dance Floor

Oh hell, yes! Dance floors and cowboy hats were meant to be together. You will be easy to spot and makes a great dance move prop! Keep it on your head, though. The club is a prime location for spilling beer, crushing hats, and those with sticky fingers.

Know When To Hold It

Know When To Hold It

When you need to remove your hat, grasp it gently from the crown (never the brim) and keep the inside and lining facing away from others. They don't need to see your sweaty lining.


Looking for something special? Please drop us an email with what you are looking for. We will search our inventory and get back to you with potential options/photographs. Please note gender, size, color preference, brand, etc. in your request.